Alyssa M George

With in every person is the ability to heal. We have just forgotten how to ignite our healing energy. As a Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive, Meditation Teacher, Channel I guide you to re-awaken and re-acquaint yourself with your gifts. I offer various services and 1:1 coaching opportunities to awaken your soul and bring you back to a natural state of bliss.

While studying Reiki, Kundalini yoga, meditation, the workings of the subconscious mind I’ve learned so much about how our health is linked not just to our physical self, but also our emotional, mental and spiritual self. While Doctors hand out medications to fix a health problem temporarily a lot of times they don’t get to the root of the pain, or anxiety.

I myself had years of dealing with anxiety, as well as postpartum depression. When, I finally couldn’t deal with the anxiety and depression any longer he immediately wrote me a prescription for pills. Every few months the dosage would need to be increased. I hear this story a lot. While I’m not saying health providers are wrong in doing this, I do feel as though there can be more done for their patients in regard to their health. Reiki, Meditation, other healing modalities are great complimentary services while keeping up with your regular doctors. That said, in working with me please continue to see your regular health care providers, therapist. These services are to help relieve stress, anxiety, pain, and guide you to a happier, healthier, relationship with yourself. Healing is in your hands.

Services and Training

1:1 Bliss Coaching

Too often we hold onto shame, guilt, and fear.  Holding us back from speaking or acting the way we truly want. Worried about judgement and what others might say instead of putting our own needs first.  Forgetting our greatest gift to our self is love. We’ve stepped away from receiving all the abundance there is to receive.

This is for you if you are wanting to:

  • Cultivate a stronger relationship with yourself.  

  • Awaken spiritually

  • Release old patterns that are connected to self-judgement, self-worth, shame.

  • Create a new relationship with your spirit.

  • Strengthen your connection to you intuition, trusting your “inner voice”.  

  • Learn to channel your own energy, spirit guides, and fully embodying your most powerful truth. Becoming the most magnetic and radiant version of yourself.  

4 weekly sessions, with email correspondence, what’s app available in between sessions, limited communication on weekends.

Sessions may include but are not limited to:

  • Energy Healing/Reiki Healing

  • Guided Meditations

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Exercises to incorporate into your day

  • Akashic Record Readings

  • Soul aligned content

  • Spiritual Education (learning to speak with spirit guides, tapping into your spiritual gifts, manifestation, igniting your own energy.

It’s time to empower yourself and step into your Bliss.

Reiki Level 1-3/ART Training

I offer a unique Training for Levels 1-3/Advanced Reiki Training. Each Level has a 21 day protocol to follow in order to receive certification. 21 days because each level requires a 21 day self healing after an attunement. For more information please email me at or set up a time to talk HERE.

Morning Wake up Meditations at The Prana House Wellness Center

Join me Monday mornings starting at 7:30AM for a Morning meditation. This is a Donation based class. Check out all the classes/events/services they offer and sign up for classes here:


I offer Reiki healings and group Meditations for parties, offices, events. Email me at to find out more.


I have been fortunate to have had many services provided by Alyssa and it is always an uplifting and divine experience.  
From personal guided meditations, Akashic record reading, reiki treatments, and most recently my own reiki level one certificate.  
I now feel confident in my own skills to heal using the reiki techniques taught to me by Alyssa.  
She stayed in touch throughout the whole process.  She provided in depth education resources, and magical guided meditations for me to provide healing to each of my chakra systems.  
The results were amazing and after completing the program I felt a new sense of calm awareness and direction in my life.
I highly recommend using Alyssa for any of the services she provides. Especially reiki or meditation training. She is knowledgeable, professional, and has her clients best interests at heart.  Not to mention she has the voice of an angel! Any service she provides is a wonderful experience and I am  sure you will attain the same sense of calm and relaxation that I did. Thanks Alyssa!!!” - Kelly

“Alyssa is passionate about helping others find balance and be the best version of themselves. She herself is an example of how to focus on the positive and brings positivity into the lives of others. She introduced me to reiki a few months ago and I was so impressed by her knowledge as well as her ability to teach and connect with her clients. She opened my mind to a new experience and left me feeling totally relaxed!” -Lauren

“Not only does Alyssa's reiki work clear out all of my negativity and blockages, but her spiritual and personal guidance truly is transformative. I recommend her services to anyone feeling stagnant and in need of a shift. In addition to this, Alyssa is gentle, down to earth, and puts her clients completely at ease.”- Amelia

“What an experience! Alyssa is amazing. During my reiki session I felt so relaxed, refreshed, and recharged. She is very knowledgeable and created a zen harmonious environment. Can not wait for our next session!” - Nicole

“Reiki is a great and unique experience. It is unlike other healing methods but it is effective and very beneficial. Alyssa is very knowledgeable, caring, and passionate about what she does!!” - Dan


Alyssa George

I am a Reiki Master Teacher, a Mindfulness Meditation guide and a certified Akashic Record Reader. My mission is to guide people to the healing power that is hidden within us all. Using my beautiful intuitive gifts I guide my students through ways to use our own energy to heal ourselves of physical, emotional and mental blockages. Feel free to email me any questions or healing request.